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The Ancient Holistic Massage Technique: Why Your Body Needs It

Thai Massage Shoulder Stretches

The Ancient Holistic Massage Technique: Why Your Body Needs It

Nothing relaxes your body and calm your nerves more than a good wholesome massage, trust me, it instantly boost your energy levels.

Amidst the hustle of modern life and its eccentries your body goes through constant change, and muscular wear and tear is common. As variety of massage are afloat in Spa and Massage centers, Kobkun Thai Therapy is one the few massages that are gaining momentum in most of the world now. If you have been to Thailand, Thai massage therapy is a ritual that most tourists like to experience. Although, nowadays, Thai massage are now being offered worldwide.

Thai Massage: An intense body ritual

An ancient massage technique, Thai Massage Therapy is a combination of acupressure techniques that are employed by applying pressure on certain points and muscles along with the use of yoga positions to relax the body. The philosophy of Thai massages aims to clear the body’s energy blockades called Sen and restoring the energy momentum. The stretching and yoga techniques work as an energy healing system.

What can you expect during the Thai Massage

If you imagine a serene environment, if a hot oil massage, and soft finger pads digging deep in your flesh to work out the stress knots out of your body is how you are picturing a Thai therapy, you might need to rework your imagination. Thai massage therapy is an intense routine and to put it shortly, the masseuse will use a variety of stretches and positions you don’t even know you had the capacity to fulfill. There are no aromatherapy oil massages, and no beds, the therapy takes place on a mat so it’s easier for the masseuse to maneuver the client’s body in right angles and positions. It might be intense and not sound too relaxing but the aftereffects of the therapy will surely heal and revitalize your tired body.

The gains of Thai Massage Therapy

As Thai massage therapy focuses on the specific pressure points and stretches, the benefits of the massage are no doubt amazing and reinvigorating. Like most massages Thai massage therapy is also known to relieve stress, muscle tension and soreness from the body. Additionally, therapists believe that Thai massage efficiently heals pain spots, manages blood pressure and enhances blood circulation throughout the body. The therapy is known to improve body postures and flexibility along with the spiritual energy flow throughout the body that gives a revitalized experience. Therefore, Thai Massage not only has health benefits but also relieves the body of usual tiredness while clarifying and healing the spiritual energy.

Importance of stretching

Initially, due to the intense stretching the Thai Massage may seem intimidating but research proves that stretching of the body in the right way and techniques have various advantages. Stretching has proved to be quite beneficial in relation to muscle strength and flexibility. It is a myth that stretching is only for gymnasts or athletes; our body too needs stretching to heal and tone the muscles as well to increase the blood flow so that the much needed oxygen is supplied to all areas of the body which makes movement easy and also alleviates joint pain. Our body works as a machine with contribution of muscles, ligaments, tissues & tendons; therefore, stretching helps this mechanism to run smoothly and decreases stiffness and cramping as well.

So, the fear that stretching exercises during a Thai massage might affect our injured our body is a farfetched idea.

Thai massages have immense health benefits, hence, you must try them at least once in a lifetime and additionally, don’t let your preconceived notions of your body’s fragility, stop you from getting this therapy.

Which massage is best for prevention and treatment of injuries

The best massage designed primarily for work before or after sporting events is sports massage. For example, you can use a sports massage the day before a competition, such as a half marathon, to really prepare your body for exercise.

Sports massage is usually not as relaxing as other types of massage – generally faster than a swedish massage; methods that a massage therapist uses to pressure the body. Movement in this massage at a quicker pace. Automatic stretching is also a common technique of sports massage, and it is used to help the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles to dissipate.
But you don’t have to be an athlete to get a sports massage. This is ideal for anyone who is physically active, as well as for those who are just starting with a new training program, ran their first 10,000 km. Or a marathon or did something else that goes beyond the usual activities. For regular marathon runners, there are special techniques that help the body to survive such an extreme event.

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