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Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage

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In Thailand, Traditional Thai Massage represents one of the many branches of Thai Herbal Medicine, which has been recently recognized and managed by the government. There are also London Therapists like we have here at Kobkun which practice and teach Thai massage in Europe and North America. Thai massage has been welcomed with open arms by the western civilization, as people have found in it a great way to relax their body and spirit in order to be able to face oncoming stress and tension.

Traditional Thai Massage has its base on the theory according to which the body has “Iom” or air inside itself which, after being inhaled with the lungs it travels through an astonishing 72.000 pathways inside the body. These pathways are also known as “sen”. The number 72.000 shouldn’t be taken as it is, because it represents in fact the Buddhist representation of an infinite amount of elements.

Our traditional massage London Therapists here at Kobkun are manipulating a number of major pathways by pressing on defined points along the lines. The pathway usually starts at the navel and then starts spreading in the body, exiting at orifices. A considerable part of the Thai Massage represents the process of stimulating the pathways to move the “air” through the body via a pumping action.

We require our customers to change into loose, comfortable clothes that don’t restrain their body movements in any way, nor their blood flow. Then, they lie down on a firm mattress placed on the floor. While in some cases a number of patients can be treated in the same room, most of time every patient gets his own intimate room accompanied only by the Thai Massage Therapists. The room is built in a manner to support the relaxing atmosphere that needs to be created in order to successfully enhance the massage.

During the Traditional Massage, our massage therapist may ask the customer to sit in certain yoga positions, in order to stimulate and focus on different body points and internal systems. The moves our body therapists apply are constantly deep and rhythmic pressures, ensuring the best muscle stimulation. However, the Massage practitioner doesn’t only use his or her hands, but also the elbows, knees or feet in order to accomplish the proper muscle relaxation.

A typical massage Thai Therapy London session delivered by Kobkun spa London Therapists usually last between 30 minutes and two hours, depending on the customer wishes. Usually, a two hour Massage Therapy session allows for all the joints to be unlocked thus relaxing the muscles around them to a level where the customerfeels like floating. His body is fully active, although the treatment style is slow, deliberate, gentle, being suitable for even the most sensitive and fragile people.

The efficiency of the Traditional Thai Massage can be guaranteed not only by the 2500 years old tradition behind the process, but also by all our satisfied Kobkun customers in London and Thailand.

The ancient knowledge for healing the body and unlocking the path toward The Four Divine States of Mind: Kindness, Joy, Compassion and Equanimity.