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Kobkun Spa in London offers its customers the possibility to try out and benefit from the great healing and improvement actions of reflexology. By placing a certain amount of pressure on points under the customer’s foot, London therapists from Kobkun Spa will send impulses towards certain body organs. As a matter of fact, each pressure point (also known as zone) is directly connected with one organ inside the body.

When getting a foot traditional massage, Kobkun Spa customers will aim for a better body system with increased functions and a healthier state of mind. Your body becomes better as foot stimulation causes certain enzymes and chemicals to be released in blood and promote the overall state of good.

London Kobkun spa meets the required Standards of Proficiency imposed by the Profession Specific boards, being under the coordination of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). This way, we can ensure our customers that our spas in London are meeting the highest standards required in terms of organization and hygiene. In other words, our customers can lay down their feet in the trustworthy hands of our expert traditional massage London Therapists and enjoy the relaxing massage.

How does it work? Our reflexologists are using a virtual map of the feet of our customers, with a representation of all regions of the body. Research revealed that there is a relation between the skin on the outside and the skin on the inside, so, when a reflexologist applies pressure to the feet, peripheral nerves are automatically affected. Through careful manipulation by pressure points, peripheral nerves of the customer are freed from blockages, thus reducing both pain and healing time.

It is interesting for many of our customers to find out how reflexology actually works. One of the best examples is the connection between the head and the end of the big toe. Our reflexologists are applying pressure for a short period of time, and, when releasing the pressure, the pain from a headache focused around the right temple is significantly reduced. On the other hand, a reflexologist from Kobkun will apply pressure on the left foot’s toe in order to reduce the pain from the right side of the head. What if the pain focuses the middle of the head? In that case, our reflexologists will squeeze and release each big toe a number of times, with the same result: relieving the pain.

Foot massage and reflexology aren’t new techniques. Our London therapists are using methods originating 3000 years ago, in China. Being enhanced and re-­enhanced, these methods have come to a level where, when applied by specialists, a feet massage can relieve pressure from any part of the body, balance the internal energy, increase blood flow and remove neuronal obstacles, relax muscles and cure insomnia.

Come by at our spa all over London and give your feet the deserved relaxation Thai massage conducted by one of our experienced Thai therapists, allowing your full body to re-­energize and recover faster from stress and tension.