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Pregnancy Massage From A London Thai Spa

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Pregnancy Massage From A London Thai Spa

Expecting a new baby is something that women dream of experiencing — perhaps once, or perhaps a few times over. Nothing completes a family made up of two loving individuals more than the arrival of a little bundle of joy — someone they can nurture, shower with love, and teach about life and its many mysteries until he or she is old enough to discover more about life on his or her own.

The months in which the baby grows in the mother’s womb, however, are sure to bring about all kinds of changes and developments in the woman’s body. Aside from the growing tummy, there are the backaches, swollen feet, bouts of morning sickness, heightened sensitivity to certain odours and tastes, and other changes that could leave any new or experienced mummy feeling less than glowing or blissful.


Relief for the mummy-to-be

Pregnant women certainly have no reason to simply grit their teeth and bear the changes they are going through, which can span not only physical and psychological aspects, but social and spiritual realms as well. The mummy-to-be’s body is changing, and so does her everyday routine, her outlook for her family’s and her own future, her interactions with family, friends and even strangers, and her opinions and perceptions about her health and well-being. With all these going on, any pregnant woman can be expected to go through a jumble of physical discomforts and anxieties.

One effective way to help her cope during this stage in her life, according to specialists at a London Thai spa, is to receive a careful and mindful pregnancy massage from a skilled therapist.

What good can massage do for women who are expecting?

A knowledgeable and experienced therapist can help you experiencing the following benefits:

Reduced anxiety and stress. Fluctuating hormones, limited abilities to perform certain tasks, and the aches and pains from the increasing weight of the developing baby can easily raise stress levels during your pregnancy. Getting regular massage gives you an opportunity to relax and be nurtured or pampered, which can help bring your stress levels, as well as your blood pressure, down.

Improved sleep. The deep relaxation brought about by massage can help stimulate peaceful sleep, which can also do much to reduce your anxiety and stress and improve your mood throughout the day.

Less discomfort. Pain and tiredness in the legs, lower back, hips, and shoulders are common during pregnancy, and massage can help soothe these aches away.

Less swelling. You’ll discover that pregnancy causes oedema in the feet, hands, legs and wrists. The gentle manipulation from massage can help ease these, as well as prevent the development of varicose veins.

There are also studies that show how women who receive massage and nurturing touch during their pregnancy experience fewer complications during labour and less premature births, and they were also more loving to their babies, touching them tenderly and frequently.

Can any pregnant woman receive massage?

Because pregnancy is quite a vulnerable condition, there are instances wherein massage may not be ideal for a woman’s specific condition, or a physician’s or midwife’s approval would be needed before pregnancy massage can proceed — this is to ensure that the massage would cause no harm to both mother and baby.

If a woman is found to have hypertension, vaginal leaking or bleeding, abdominal or pelvic cramping or pain, deep vein thrombosis, severe vomiting or nausea, uterine contractions that are regular before 37 weeks, reduced fetal movement in the last eight to 10 hours, or is diagnosed as a high risk pregnancy, a physician must first be consulted before considering massage.


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