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Multisensory Massage From A Holistic Therapist – London Thai Clinic

Multisensory Massage From A Holistic Therapist – London Thai Clinic

It’s always been said that massage is all about the power of touch, but it’s actually a multi-sensory experience. You enter the massage room with its dim lights, relaxing ambiance and subdued décor that take you to a world where worries melt away. Soft, soothing music filters in, lulling you to a state of almost deep sleep. The massage therapist uses essential oils and herbal compresses that release natural, calming aromas that make the massage even more impactful. And once the massage is over, you may even be given a cup of hot, refreshing tea – the perfect send-off for a single session wherein your sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell and even taste were all engaged for that holistic healing experience.

Under the spell of fragrant oils, healing herbs and the power of touch

The impact of massage heightens when it is combined with aromatherapy techniques. Our Kobkun therapists will select that specific blend of essential oils to treat your condition or alleviate your symptoms. Some of the most popular blends include lavender, chamomile and geranium for calming, relaxation and to tame tension; grapefruit and sweet orange to encourage restful sleep; eucalyptus, pine and tea tree oils to combat decongestion; rose, sage and ylang-ylang to elevate depressed emotions. For just two hours of being under the precise ministrations of a holistic therapist, London residents can expect to get away from the day’s stresses and weariness and emerge more energised and revitalised after the session.

Enjoy the health advantages of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy massage is informed by a holistic healing framework. The focus of healing will not just be on the particular area where you might feel the pain or on your particular illness, but will pay attention to your overall health and well-being. Thus, whether you came due to a painful back or a stiff shoulder or just plain exhaustion, you can expect to enjoy one or a combination of the following general benefits of aromatherapy massage:

  • Alleviates pain
  • Reduces stress
  • Uplifts your mood and energy
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves heart rate and metabolism
  • Encourages good circulation and balanced blood pressure
  • Relieves psychological and emotional worries
  • Revitalises and sharpens mental functions
  • Relaxes tired, overworked muscles
  • Removes toxins from your system
  • Smoothens skin texture and minimises cellulite

Give yourself the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation

The effects of aromatherapy massage will be unique for each individual. Before your first session here at Kobkun, we will ask you to undergo a free consultation as this will help us truly understand your needs and preferences, and guide us in preparing your own personal healing experience.

Whether you feel stressed and helpless from today’s hectic and hurried world or you just want to treat yourself to the pleasure of massage, pay us a visit or give us a call. Give your body the healing and compassionate care it deserves. Our friendly staff and highly qualified therapists are here to assist you and lead you to the wonderful physical, psychological and emotional benefits of aromatherapy massage.

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