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Exotic flavours at the Taste of Thailand section in London event

Exotic flavours at the Taste of Thailand section in London event

The taste festivals couldn’t avoid London, as it is the place of many intersected cultures from around the world, northern and southern western and eastern. Apart from many  interesting events like the President Cheese or the Weber BBQ experience. The Taste of Thailand was one of the main attractions of the event, featuring not only traditional food and drinks all the way from Thailand, but also the mastery of Thai massage, known to be one of the best forms of body relaxation and stress relief.

Thailand has lots to offer and that was seen at the festival; food, drinks, entertainment, and of course, the traditional Thai Massage represented by the Kobkun Thai Massage & Spa, offering traditional Thai therapy services around London for years now.

In the event, Taste of Thailand, Kobkun Thai massage Islington therapy spa made quite an impression; people had the opportunity of getting free head and shoulder massages lasting 10 minutes; everybody was pleased with the results of even such a short period of time and considered visiting the spa for a full massage session.

The sight was not only eye-catching, but rather hypnotic; lots of bright colours assembled in the form of different artworks. Some getting a smile on the face of the visitors, while other blocking them for minutes, wondering how these pieces of art were made. More of that can be found on Kobkun’s Thai Therapy facebook page.

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