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Thai Massage London - Kobkun Spa Islington

Thai Aromatherapy Massage

Here at Kobkun, our trained Massage London Therapists are using the finest essential oils when performing Aromatherapy Massages. Aromatherapy represents a form of medicine that makes use of essential oils (volatile plant materials) along with traditional Thai massage techniques in order to improve our customer’s mood, mental and physical state of mind.

Our customers are happy to find out that Aromatherapy doesn’t only help on muscle relaxation and mental relief, but also represents a great method of fight diseases. By stimulating the limbic system through the olfactory elements of the body, bacteria is reduced, thus improving the overall state of a sick customer. When electric impulses are sent to the limbic system, elements as stress level, heart rate, and metabolism are altered towards a better state.

Essential oils used by Kobkun London Therapists are mostly obtained by distillation, using steam. Depending on the need of our customer, we choose the appropriate oils to treat the symptoms. In order to calm down the body and relax the muscles, we are using Chamomile, Lavender and Geranium.  Learn More…

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